International Symposium:

     Global Perspectives of Chinese Music in the Internet Age

    Call for Papers


    Conference venue:          College of Music, Ningbo University, China

    Conference dates:           27/30, November, 2015

    Conference language:     English

    Conference fee:               International airfares and local accommodation will be                                covered by the host institution

    We welcome paper proposals in relation to the following topics:

    1.        Chinese Music Research, Performance, Education and Influence outside of China

    2.        Chinese Music on the Internet

    3.        Chinese Music in the Audio and Video World

    4.        Western Influence on Chinese Music in the Internet Age

    5.        New Research  


    Duration of presentations should be 20 minutes, allowing 5 more minutes for discussion.


    Deadlines: Participants should send a title and an abstract (up to 400 words) to the conference committee at by 5 November, 2015. International traveland local accommodation and sightseeing will be covered for selected presentations.


    Program Committee:

    Chair: Yu Hui (Ningbo University, China)

    Alan Thrasher (University of British Columbia, Canada)

    Stephen Wild (Austraian National Universt, Australia)

    Yang Mu (UNSW, Australia)

    Leonardo D'Amico (Conservatory of Mantua, Italy)

     Beth Szczepanski (Lewis and Clark College, USA)

     Sary Schroeder (Ningbo University, China)


    For further information:    

    Dr. Sary Schroeder











    1.      中国音乐在海外的研究、表演、教育和影响

    2.      互联网中的中国音乐

    3.      音像世界中的中国音乐

    4.      互联网语境下西方音乐对中国音乐的影响

    5.      新的研究



    l  Chair: Yu Hui (Ningbo University, 中国)

    l  Alan Thrasher (University of British Columbia, 加拿大)

    l  Stephen Wild (Austraian National Universt, 澳大利亚)

    l  Yang Mu (University of New South Wales, 澳大利亚)

    l  Leonardo D'Amico (Conservatory of Mantua, 意大利)

    l   Beth Szczepanski (Lewis and Clark College, 美国)

    l   Sary Schroeder (Ningbo University, 中国)






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