Mathemusical Conversations
    a joint international workshop of the National University of Singapore Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music   
    organised in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary University of London (UK) and the Sciences and Technologies for Music and Sound Lab at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France), and in partnership with Raffles Institution

    13-15 February 2015 • Singapore

    Three years in the making, and made possible by generous grants from the National University of Singapore, Mathemusical Conversations features an ambitious combination of lecture-conversations and mathematically inspired concerts over three days.

    The interleaving lectures and concerts are designed to appeal to a broad audience. Session themes include mathemusical engagement, creativity, shaping performance, canons, geometries, and education. The event will interest researchers in the mathematical music sciences, as well as mathematicians and scientists in general, musicians interested in the mathematical sciences, and the general public. A pre-workshop Study Day will provide an introduction to the event designed for junior college and advanced secondary school students and teachers.

    Mathemusical Conversations is part of the National University of Singapore 110th anniversary celebrations, takes place only days before Chinese New Year, and coincides with Singapore's Golden Jubilee in 2015.

    Moreno Andreatta (Ircam-CNRS), Gérard Assayag (STMS: Ircam-CNRS-UPMC), Jeanne Bamberger (MIT-UC Berkeley), Margaret Boden (U Sussex), Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (ERC), Clifton Callender (FSU), Elaine Chew (Queen Mary U of London), Richard Cohn (Yale), Eran Egozy (Harmonix-MIT), Noam Elkies (Harvard),Stephen Emmerson (Griffith U), Jean-Louis Giavitto (CNRS-Ircam), Bernard Lanskey (National U of Singapore), Don McLean (U Toronto), Christopher Raphael(Indiana U Bloomington), John Rink (Cambridge), Paul Schoenfield (U Michigan), Dmitri Tymoczko (Princeton), Yang Jian (Nanjing U of the Arts).

    Guest artists Kam Ning (violinist), Stephen Emmerson (pianist/composer), Daniele Ghisi (composer); speaker-musicians Moreno Andreatta (pianist), Clifton Callender (composer), Elaine Chew (pianist), Eran Egozy (clarinetist), Noam Elkies (pianist), Christopher Raphael (oboist), Paul Schoenfield (composer), Dmitri Tymoczko (composer); and, YSTCM musicians Ho Chee Kong (composer), Bernard Lanskey (pianist), Lim Yan (pianist), Qin Liwei (cellist), Tang Quartet (string quartet), Albert Tiu (pianist), and YSTCM students.

    The registration fee is 40 SGD (≈ 32 USD or 20 GBP).

    Workshop Registration Deadline: 31 January 2015 (walk-in participants will not be admitted)
    Study Day Registration Deadline: 21 January 2015

    Enquiries should be directed to


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